May 30, 2008

Little Twin Stars Watch

It all began with my friend Mitz who, during one of our usual gimiks, arrived with his new and oober cool Ultraman kiddie watch which, when you press a certain button, POPS out the time for you! We were all so amused, especially me, and I wanted one as well (but I wasn't an Ultraman fan, so nevermind that haha). He said he bought his at the local department store.

When I was out shopping with my other friends at SM Megamall, I decided to check out the kiddie watches section just in case they had other designs other than Ultraman. MUCH TO MY UTMOOOOST JOOOOOOY, they had a LOT but this LITTLE TWIN STARS ONE TAKES THE CAKE!!!

It was the first thing my eyes landed on and I squealed so loud and long that my friends were all embarrassed to be with me (not to mention that the saleslady assisting us was laughing as well). It took me time to choose whether I wanted the white strap or the pink, or the other design with Lala kissing Kiki on the cheek (ITS SO CUTE but it was colored blue and I'm not too fond of blue). And for a while I also got distracted and thought twice if I wanted the My Melody one too (because it was SO CUTE as well and I also love My Melody!). But I ended up buying this and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IIIIIITTTTT!!! When you press the button, the time also pops and I LOVE PRESSING IT!

As a lot of people know... it doesn't take a lot to make me happy :D Hahaha. Just bring me to the kids section of the department store and I could stay there forever.

And did I mention this costs only 250php ($6-ish)? Nyehehe!

May 27, 2008

The Perfect Bible

One of the best presents that I've ever received! Last May 24, my good friend Bens gave me (using his own words) the PERFECT bible for me (and so it was)! I love it very very much, to an extent I couldn't even put into words. Thank you super super, as I've been repeatedly telling you ever since. Haha.

Of all the years I have studied at a Catholic school, I have always rejected Catholicism and its teachings. For years, I was a Buddhist and I proudly declared this to people I met. I emphasized that it was more than just a family tradition that I follow and that it was a true personal choice that I've made. I will not tell the story of my personal spiritual journey (one that I am still going through right now, of course) but to cut the long story short, recently, I believe that God has started to reveal Himself to me and is continuing to do so. Thanks to my wonderful Christian friends (hello, 'churchboys' *and girls* haha), I am more and more learning about God and his wonderful message for me (and us all!)

This SUPER PERFECT Bible is SUPER PERFECT in every way; the translation is very easy to understand and it makes things easier to read, the color PINK is my favorite and this pink is just a very HAPPY pink haha, the silver sides on the pages are just adorable, the font is so easy on the eyes (unlike my old Bible hehe), it contains only the canon books and it's so handy that I can bring it anywhere (and I plan on bringing it everyday with me to school).

I read the Bible everyday now and it never fails to make my heart glad. The perfect breakfast book to read to start the day and the perfect bedtime book to read before ending the night.

May 22, 2008

Taschen Books

Taschen publishes amazing art books. If I had the money, I would buy the entire collection. Each book is full of full-page, high-quality pictures and is a VERY good resource for art students and enthusiasts alike. I get a lot of possible ideas from these books and I just love them so much. What I love most are their books which tackle on the subject of Pop Culture especially the sets with vintage graphics. The wealth of images that they provide is amazing and it's as though you are being transported to a different era as you flip through the pages.

The picture above are covers of some Taschen Books that I REALLY want to get. Also includes some books which have yet to be released as of this moment. Also, I posted sample covers so that you guys have an idea how the covers look like (in case you haven't heard of them before). Very pretty, aren't they?

I currently own 2 Taschen books: Japanese Prints and The Golden Age of Advertising - the 60's. Both are part of the 25th anniversary set, which means that they were priced cheaper than the usual Taschen books. Hooray! I will increase my collection once I start earning more! Haha!

May 16, 2008

To Write Love On Her Arms

Love is the movement.

I was introduced to this campaign by my good friends, Jed and Abs because they wear TWLOHA apparel and I got curious. What really caught my attention was their slogan "Love is the movement" and it got me into reading more about it.

I won't go around explaining the details of this, because you have their website for that. I am simply writing this entry to help spread the word, in a way, and to express how wonderful I think this campaign is. Some of the artists and bands that I listen to are a part of this campaign, including one of my favorites, Mayday Parade. Also, I am totally in love with their apparel line. I want that long sleeves hoodie! (I love their logo design)

Click the link now!

May 14, 2008

I Built a Sandcastle

I have completed another goal in my 70 Things to Do Before I Die list! #9: Build a sandcastle!

It wasn't anything grand but it was already an accomplishment for someone who hasn't gone to the beach for years already. HAHA. My family doesn't go to the beach that often because my parents prefer cool, relaxing getaways so this was a very rare opportunity.

We were at Subic last May 10 to 12 and I had such a wonderful time! Thanks to our family friends, Auntie Ellie and Uncle Henry, we were able to ride their private speedboat and have this place (beach) all to ourselves. Subic is such a great place. It's really a pity because I think that if they develop the other attractions more (like Zoobic and the beaches), it would really be a great tourist destination.

Anyway, me and my brother were each building our own castles and took pictures after. The waves were a bit strong so I had to rebuild this so many times. We had to build not too far from the water because we didn't bring any pail or shovel. Haha. We needed easy access to water o__o My design was simple, but I really like it! It sortta looks like a mosque of some sort though... or like a flying saucer, or you know that thingie on top of juicers? Lol! I am but an amateur, don't laugh at my castle. Hahaha.

Yes, I built this with nothing else but my bare hands and my heart <3

May 07, 2008


For those living under a rock for the past year, allow me to introduce to you the RED campaign (started by Bono and Bobby Shriver), beginning with the RED Manifesto. Read on.

The Join Red campaign, I must say, is such a genius project in so many ways. It is a great marketing plan (a fact they self-proclaim) and at the same time they DO help. The manifesto says it all and bravo to them for making the manifesto honest and straight to the point.

It also helps that the simple designs are charming. I'm pretty sure GAP sales rose tremendously with their RED apparel line as almost everyone in the US has a shirt or two (exaggerating much, obviously). And I've been hoping that Apple would release a RED iPod Classic because although I adore the RED Nano (the old one, not the new square ones), the capacity just won't do it for me. Hopefully more companies would join the campaign as I'd like to feel less guilty every time I buy something nice.

Anyway, GAP is opening soon at the Shangri-La mall here in the Philippines and I sure hope they carry the RED apparel line (it would be pretty silly if they didn't). I want an INSPI(RED) tshirt... and that RED hoodie is just to die for.

If you are still confused or would like more information, visit their website Join Red. I'm not sure if it's just me, but the site usually takes a lot of time to load. Fret not for the site is worth it.

May 06, 2008

Automatic Loveletter

New music discovery and this one is love. Automatic Loveletter.

When I listen to songs, what strikes me more are the lyrics first before the sounds and I guess that is why Automatic Loveletter was love at first listen. Juliet Simms' poetry is amazing and I love all the imagery she brings. Music wise, her voice is full of passion and their energy is magnetic. Why, oh why, do they only have a few songs. Huu.

My first encounter with Juliet Simms was from Remembering Sunday (a personal favorite of my friends and I), a song with All Time Low (I love this band). "The Answer" was the first song that I listened to and it remains to be one of my favorites from them. But the song that I really love the most is "Unhearted" because of the lyrics. It's not the best most poetic thing you've probably ever heard but it meant something to me personally :).

"...and I breathe cuz its necessary and I sigh when I see the moon. I dream to make sleep less boring.. I'm a hopeless romantic and kicking the habit but all hearts have darts." - Unhearted

"This drama sat shot gun my eyes rained like autumn only the glove box knows how the story goes" - Make Up Smeared Eyes

"From ocean to sky summer and fall, I have been there though it all. From laughing and crying to pain that comes easy from shades of grey meaning that turn out so sweetly" - The Answer