January 31, 2011


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January 08, 2010


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October 26, 2008

Amazing Obentos

Thanks to my good friend Barby, I was able to come across Luckysundae's photostream on Flickr. SHE MAKES THE BEST OBENTO DESIGNS! If I end up as a housewife (though I seriously doubt that) and had all the time in the world, I would create all sorts of obentos like these for my husband and kids. Haha! Since I can't really cook, I'd make up for that with amazing presentation. Woopie!! But seriously, if I had the time, I'd really make obentos like these. I feel so inspired! I WILL BE THE BEST WIFE IN THE WORLD!

These three little piggies are just so adorable! ^_____^



AHIHIHI! Makes me happy looking at them. Heehehee!!

October 23, 2008

Jimmy Liao

Jimmy Liao now occupies one of the top spots in my favorite artists of all time. Discovered about his works through my good friend Christiane and been a fan ever since. More than the drawings, what I like most about him is the way he conveys emotions and stories in his artworks. If you've known me long or been following my works, you'd notice that my favorite subject to draw is that of couples in love. Jimmy Liao has a set of drawings with that theme and I absolutely adore them.

If you get the chance of seeing his books on stores, make sure to grab a copy of A Chance of Sunshine and Sound of Colors. I don't have my own copy yet, but I plan on going on a scavenger hunt when I visit China or Taiwan or HK maybe. I read that the English translations don't do justice so I want to get the Mandarin versions and though I suck at Mandarin, it will be my life goal to understand what's written on that book. Hehe.

Another thing that really inspired me about Jimmy Liao is this picture of a gallery he had at Hong Kong. I was so awed because the way the gallery was designed is just completely breathtaking. If someday I were to have my own gallery (as if...), I pray that it be as amazing as this one. I love the way it's shaped, how the artworks are placed, everything! I never felt so inspired to have my own gallery. But then again, Jimmy Liao is like an art god (in my world at least) and it's not surprising that he holds a gallery as impressive as this one.

October 22, 2008

Cake Parade

Hello, world! Meet Cake Parade!

Red Western Digital 160 GB External Hard Drive worth 3200 pesos in Greenhills. I am proud to say that I used my hard earned money for this new toy! Special thank you to all those who bought the necklaces (those with my drawings) that I was selling! Amazing how I was able to raise enough funds is just a week! Praise God! Named her Cake Parade because I like it!

At first it was supposed to be Whale on the Clouds and some other variations like Pancake Whales or Cloudy Whale but it all wouldn't fit. So after so many random words, I ended up with this. Great!

Anyway, yes, obviously I designed it myself again, heehee. I did it for an entire morning --- painstakingly sticking each rhinestone. Oh, the things I do for love. I got the cloud sticker from my friend who gave me an adorable set for my birthday.

I originally planned on getting a pink one, but none of the stores sold 160 GB pink hard drives so I gave up and got this instead, which may I say was actually a BLESSING in disguise because now I LOVE THIS RED one to bits and the pink and white rhinestones look so great on it. Hehee.

I've been arranging the folders and changing all the icons since I got her last September 9, 2008. I renamed all my files as well and went all CRAZY OC over everything. Hahaha. As in it's so much more organized than Luke (my Macbook) now. Luke is envious. Following are screenshots of it.

This is what you see first when you open Cake Parade

Drawings > General part. Heehee, just showing off my cute icons.

Pictures > Barkada Pics part. More of my lovely Loco Roco icons!

My personal favorite collection of the drawings I do. Just note how I name the files. Hehe. Makes me so happy to see them all nicely arranged like that!

Cake Parade includes the files of my life. Haha. It's crazy. I placed all my pictures, drawings and videos here and I have all my other files as well, like songs, documents, programs and so much more. And I love it. I needed this ever since Luke started to go crazy. Hehe.

October 17, 2008

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

It's been a LONG time since I last posted and that's cuz I've been busy with everything else, and not that it matters, no one cares about this blog anyway except for a few of my loyal fans HAHA just kidding. Anyway.

THIS IS MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR AS OF THIS TIME AND MOMENT!!! Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors are so amaaaaazing but this one takes the CAKE (Ahihi yes I feel so smart for using a stupid pun)!

I love the cookie dough tasting graham thingie inside. I don't really know how to blog about food. Well I guess the best description I can say is that, it's so good and so worth the expensive price. Yes, it's expensive (more costy than normal ice creams at least), and I shouldn't get too addicted.

I am in heaven. I am in love. I am now fat.

August 21, 2008

Door Designs

I always wanted to write about my room. Here's the first entry I dedicate to that.

I've been wanting to add more stuff on my walls (and that includes my door), and I finally did! The tarp was from my birthday party! The boards on the door are made of styro. I covered it with a really nice and soft red paper and stuck random bits and pieces of my life.

I made the one the top (left on this picture) first before the other. It's a bit cleaner and empty at the bottom part. I'd probably add some little stuff there soon. If you want to really look into the details, click on the picture to enlarge! Some are pretty obvious already, but look for the following:

1. Two postcards I got at Paris
2. Four paper cranes
3. A paper frog from a friend
4. My ID tag campaign material for the Celadon elections
5. My grade school cafeteria pass

Oh, and you may be wondering about those two huge typewritten sheets. I found them as I was looking through my mom's old things. They are quotes either from the bible or about God. She typed this when she was still single, working at the bank and a Christian, all of which she isn't now (but one of which I hope she will be again). It 's something that I really treasure.

August 06, 2008

Passion Manila

One of the most amazing nights of my life was last August 1, 2008! Attended Passion Manila with Christiane, Michelle, Tiff, Cams, Jed, Abs, Di and Barby! A night well spent because it was a night spent praising God! And what a wonderful, holy God we are praising!

It was a gathering of university aged students (16-22), so you can just imagine the hype of the people there! Falling in line outside under the rain was well worth it! If you were there, you would know of the greatness of the entire production; from the video slideshow to the lighting to the music to the message to the people! EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING! I've always liked Chris Tomlin's songs but it was so different singing it out loud with so many people who are just overflowing with energy!! People were jumping and clapping and dancing and it was contagious! :3

Passion Manila was such a blessing to me and I know it was to many many other people there who attended. I can't give a write-up that would do justice to the awesome-ness of this great great conference. If you were given the chance to attend a Passion conference, do so and I KNOW you'll love it!

THERE IS NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD! ... for greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in this city!!!

June 28, 2008

Colorful Shoes!

First of all, allow me to exclaim that I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS! Hahaha.

The original color of the shoelaces weren't pink, but of course, I had to change them. The light blue one was too pale. BRIGHT PINK IS LOVE! I bought this last weekend after a long day of shoe hunting. I was looking for shoes that would keep my feet dry despite the rain (because it's been raining like crazy last week). I was thinking of leather chucks but God gave me something better. Hahaha! I saw this (at probably the nth Adidas store that I went to) and it was love at first sight! Colorful butterflies all around!! The texture is like nylon (not sure if it's really nylon).


June 15, 2008

Christiane's Chucks

My friend Christiane asked me to doodle on her shoes.
This is how it looks like now.

Nothing much to say in this post, except that I had a lot of fun drawing. This was my first time to doodle on shoes and I really didn't have like a theme or a concept in mind. I simply doodled away, just as I would doodle on paper! It all started when I mentioned that I had a pair of fake Chucks (eep sorry *guilty look*) at home, which I plan on designing.

I used my trusty ol' Calligraphy pen to draw on this pair aaaaand... let's hope it doesn't smudge when it gets wet. Give me more time to practice and think up of themes/concepts for the designs, and soon you, and the rest of the world, shall face the wrath of my doodling powers. Mwahahha.

May 30, 2008

Little Twin Stars Watch

It all began with my friend Mitz who, during one of our usual gimiks, arrived with his new and oober cool Ultraman kiddie watch which, when you press a certain button, POPS out the time for you! We were all so amused, especially me, and I wanted one as well (but I wasn't an Ultraman fan, so nevermind that haha). He said he bought his at the local department store.

When I was out shopping with my other friends at SM Megamall, I decided to check out the kiddie watches section just in case they had other designs other than Ultraman. MUCH TO MY UTMOOOOST JOOOOOOY, they had a LOT but this LITTLE TWIN STARS ONE TAKES THE CAKE!!!

It was the first thing my eyes landed on and I squealed so loud and long that my friends were all embarrassed to be with me (not to mention that the saleslady assisting us was laughing as well). It took me time to choose whether I wanted the white strap or the pink, or the other design with Lala kissing Kiki on the cheek (ITS SO CUTE but it was colored blue and I'm not too fond of blue). And for a while I also got distracted and thought twice if I wanted the My Melody one too (because it was SO CUTE as well and I also love My Melody!). But I ended up buying this and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IIIIIITTTTT!!! When you press the button, the time also pops and I LOVE PRESSING IT!

As a lot of people know... it doesn't take a lot to make me happy :D Hahaha. Just bring me to the kids section of the department store and I could stay there forever.

And did I mention this costs only 250php ($6-ish)? Nyehehe!

May 27, 2008

The Perfect Bible

One of the best presents that I've ever received! Last May 24, my good friend Bens gave me (using his own words) the PERFECT bible for me (and so it was)! I love it very very much, to an extent I couldn't even put into words. Thank you super super, as I've been repeatedly telling you ever since. Haha.

Of all the years I have studied at a Catholic school, I have always rejected Catholicism and its teachings. For years, I was a Buddhist and I proudly declared this to people I met. I emphasized that it was more than just a family tradition that I follow and that it was a true personal choice that I've made. I will not tell the story of my personal spiritual journey (one that I am still going through right now, of course) but to cut the long story short, recently, I believe that God has started to reveal Himself to me and is continuing to do so. Thanks to my wonderful Christian friends (hello, 'churchboys' *and girls* haha), I am more and more learning about God and his wonderful message for me (and us all!)

This SUPER PERFECT Bible is SUPER PERFECT in every way; the translation is very easy to understand and it makes things easier to read, the color PINK is my favorite and this pink is just a very HAPPY pink haha, the silver sides on the pages are just adorable, the font is so easy on the eyes (unlike my old Bible hehe), it contains only the canon books and it's so handy that I can bring it anywhere (and I plan on bringing it everyday with me to school).

I read the Bible everyday now and it never fails to make my heart glad. The perfect breakfast book to read to start the day and the perfect bedtime book to read before ending the night.