June 28, 2008

Colorful Shoes!

First of all, allow me to exclaim that I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS! Hahaha.

The original color of the shoelaces weren't pink, but of course, I had to change them. The light blue one was too pale. BRIGHT PINK IS LOVE! I bought this last weekend after a long day of shoe hunting. I was looking for shoes that would keep my feet dry despite the rain (because it's been raining like crazy last week). I was thinking of leather chucks but God gave me something better. Hahaha! I saw this (at probably the nth Adidas store that I went to) and it was love at first sight! Colorful butterflies all around!! The texture is like nylon (not sure if it's really nylon).



C said...

ai! pati yung watch pambata!
ma'am! ilang taon na po ba kayo?
i can just imagine!

Sheenz said...

hahahaha c! crazy talaga yun girl na nagbebenta... sobrang isip nya na isip-bata ko (which is really quite true anyway) HAHA

milka said...

oh you and your happy shoes! :)) hahaha ang loud nga niya! natawa ako when i first saw u wearing it in school! HAHA! miss na kita!! have fun later! i am SO jealous!!! boo! hahaha!

Sheenz said...

HAHAHA Milkiiiieeee :D I knew you'd love it! :D PINK SHOELACES!

diana said...

luv dis!!!LOL

Sheenz said...

thank you so much!! ^_____^