March 28, 2008

3 am

I didn't notice this until one of my good friends, Christiane, pointed it out to me; 3 am is my inspired hour.

For the past weeks I've been having this very annoying and irregular sleeping pattern. I still sleep at my usual bedtime 10:30 pm (still kiddie! nuu!), which I fondly call my "meme time" but I've been waking up at very odd hours and couldn't sleep again. The usual routine goes like this: sleep form 10:30 pm, then I wake up at 1:30 am, try to get back to sleep and finally gives up after an hour or so. If I'm lucky, I can get back to sleep again at around 4:30 am but if not, hello deeper eye bags.

So you might be wondering, what is an entry regarding my stupid sleeping problem doing in my happy blog?

Again, 3 am = inspired hour. The first time this happened to me over the past weeks, I immediately sat down on my desk and popped my ipod (after trying for hours to get back to sleep). Then I took out my pencil and started doodling away. The result was my Soundtrack of My Summer collection (Part 1!). Then again the other night, I gave up again around that time and started doodling, and I drew another 'inspired' artwork (which I will never post anywhere, I'm quite sure, guess why, haha!). And sometimes, I would just stare blankly while listening to my playlist and I'd get really ... i don't know how to describe it because I don't want to use the word emo HAHA. Uhm, but something like that. In a good way though. Like I'd get really inspired to create things, and it's such a positive and wonderful feeling. :)

March 21, 2008

My Drawings in Necklaces

I had these necklaces made from Personage by Stazas Inc. I saw their booth at the Celadon Biz Fair last January and knew that I wanted to have an item or two made.

We had a few problems at first because the first item they sent was damaged but all's well since they offered to replace it for free and have my second item discounted, which explains why I have two items! The drawings I sent were the Sakura and the Pag-Ibig na Dakila drawings because I think they're the most vintage-y looking drawings I have (not really THAT vintage but at least... hehe). I'm sure these will match well with some of my outfits! Yey! Thanks for the great service.

I want to sell products like this one but I have no contacts for the suppliers and all the shiz haha. Maybe someday I'll be able to though, and I'll open up a store having necklaces like these on the shelves. I have to think of more products and designs! Yehey!

March 17, 2008

Soundtrack of My Summer

It was 3am in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I took out my battered Ipod and started playing the songs on my recent playlist... and sketches just came out of nowhere. Boys Like Girls. Daphne Loves Derby. Even some Maroon 5. A lot of the songs had very strong imagery and how I wish I could draw them exactly the way they look on my mind, but my noob skills permit me from doing so. Instead, I suffice myself to drawing those scenes as accurately (at which, I think I failed, but all the same...) as I can imagine them in my mind using my usual cartoon style. It, of course, helped that I was inspired during that time.

Back to the drawings. I started to sketch, like I said, some scenes as they were playing in my mind. I sketched so much more than what I ended up finishing and was inspired by more songs than what I ended up using. All the same, it was great practice for me. I will probably continue the rest of my sketches soon (especially since it's summer already) and create a second batch of love-sick, emo drawings using songs from Secondhand Serenade and from my all time favorite pro-depressant musicians Rachael Yamagata and KT Tunstall. But I'm trying to avoid my depressing songs lately. I need to keep being happy, especially since it's summer!

I named this collection the "Soundtrack of My Summer" collection, after the lyrics from one of the songs by Boys Like Girls ("Thunder"). I'd like to thank my good friends Jed and Abz for always singing songs like these during our emo sessions and car trips home. I hate telling people I listen to emo songs, but I just can't deny that I love these. Most especially, thank you Abz for "Coffee". It wasn't summer yet when I drew these and started listening to these songs, but I was thinking of summer so... I hope that counts.

My mom always begged me to draw more 'couple drawings' as she'd call it. She said I drew too much single girls , so thanks mom, I'm following your advice! I do hope that as you wish, I'd be able to find someone just as romantic as the boy in my drawings. Haha. To make things even better, I drew the girl to look like me (hopefully) with the outfits all resembling actual outfits that I wear regularly! My friends and classmates found the clothes all-too familiar, which was of course, the goal of the idea, so on that level, I guess I had succeeded. So yes, that's supposed to be me with my imaginary boyfriend in imaginary settings doing imaginary things. My boy has funky hairstyle.

And lastly, I guess I just want to say that... if you don't go looking for it, sometimes, it finds you.

Also, you don't know it's you, you probably never will, and you will probably never read this anyway, but thank you all the same for the inspiration! *clap clap!*

Read Soundtrack of my Summer: Part 2!

Songs from left to right top to bottom: "On Top of the World" by Boys Like Girls, "Coffee" by Copeland, "The Great Escape" by Boys Like Girls, "Simple, Starving to be Safe" by Daphne Loves Derby, "Better That We Break" by Maroon 5.

March 16, 2008

The Face Shop: Nail Stuff

With school almost over in a few days, expect new entries! Yey! ... not that anyone bothers to check this (except for Milka haha!) but all the same!

I am so addicted to the smell of this particular nail polish remover (wait. before you freak..) because it's strawberry scented eeeeeep! I love strawberry! It smells so good! I went to the Face Shop the other day, not expecting to buy anything really, but then I saw the yellow nail polish and tried it on my un-polished nails. I loved it instantly and grabbed one, then I took the polish remover tester to take the paint off and the smell was so amazing,

I just had to get it. I used it today and just a few drops (would you believe that?) removed the black polish I had on. It works well, smells good, and it's PINK! I also love the nail polish color selection of the Face Shop. I think I'll go get some more colors in the future... plus, they're not as expensive as other good brands are. Good find! My yellow polish is perfect for summer!

I sound like an airhead in this entry... eep, sorry. But shopping recently has been a great stress reliever... hehe. This IS my "happy blog" after all.