June 28, 2008

Colorful Shoes!

First of all, allow me to exclaim that I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS! Hahaha.

The original color of the shoelaces weren't pink, but of course, I had to change them. The light blue one was too pale. BRIGHT PINK IS LOVE! I bought this last weekend after a long day of shoe hunting. I was looking for shoes that would keep my feet dry despite the rain (because it's been raining like crazy last week). I was thinking of leather chucks but God gave me something better. Hahaha! I saw this (at probably the nth Adidas store that I went to) and it was love at first sight! Colorful butterflies all around!! The texture is like nylon (not sure if it's really nylon).


June 15, 2008

Christiane's Chucks

My friend Christiane asked me to doodle on her shoes.
This is how it looks like now.

Nothing much to say in this post, except that I had a lot of fun drawing. This was my first time to doodle on shoes and I really didn't have like a theme or a concept in mind. I simply doodled away, just as I would doodle on paper! It all started when I mentioned that I had a pair of fake Chucks (eep sorry *guilty look*) at home, which I plan on designing.

I used my trusty ol' Calligraphy pen to draw on this pair aaaaand... let's hope it doesn't smudge when it gets wet. Give me more time to practice and think up of themes/concepts for the designs, and soon you, and the rest of the world, shall face the wrath of my doodling powers. Mwahahha.