July 12, 2007

70 Things To Do Before I Die

I've been making lists for as long as I can remember. I love lists. One of my favorite things to list about are the things I'd like to accomplish in my life. As you might have guessed, my Things To Do Before I Die List has been constantly rewritten and revised over the years. I once made a 100 Things To Do List only having half of them crossed out after my Europe Trip. Haha.

So this time, I'm making my latest (and hopefully last) list of things to do before I die. I reduced the number from 100 to 70. As of today, I have not accomplished any of the 70 goals presented here.

But of course, things can change overnight ;)

The numbers in red are the goals already achieved!


1. Visit all Disneylands
- LA, Florida, Paris, Tokyo (with Disney Sea) and HK
- Only Disneyland Paris left to visit!

2. Visit all the continents
- Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, Africa
- Only South America, Antarctica and Africa left!

- Yes, I am gonna visit Antarctica! Though I have no idea how!

3. Visit the new 7 Wonders
- Only been to two: Great Wall and Colosseum

4. Visit all the sites nominated for the new 7 wonders
- There are 21 in the list
- Only been to three: Great Wall, Colosseum & Eiffel Tower

5. Visit the Banaue Rice Terraces

6. Visit at least 30 countries
- So far I've been to 15, halfway there!
- US, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, HK, Thailand, Singapore
- Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands (aka Holland), Belgium, UK,

7. Visit a remote village in another country

8. Build a snowman

9. Build a sandcastle
- Completed: May 10, 2008 at Subic

10. Learn how to cook
- I can't cook to save my life!

11. Learn archery
- Since I love Medieval stuff so much
- And since Elves (in LOTR) do a lot of bow fighting thing ;)

12. Attend the Ati-Atihan Festival

13. Attend the Carnival of Venice

14. Attend a traditional circus carnival
- With the clowns, cotton candy and popcorn!

15. Attend a Circe du Soleil show

16. Attend a FIFA World Cup game
- Well I hope it's gonna be a game with Les Bleus in it!
- Hooray for the French Team! Allez Les Bleus!

17. Converse well in a foreign language

18. Draw on a wall

19. Experience Winter
- Fuzzy clothes, ear muffs, cool air and snow. Mmm...
- I need this to build my snowman!

20. Experience Autumn

21. Spend a night in an igloo
- There are those igloo hotels during winter somewhere, right? I can stay in those.
- Or I can build my own fortress. That would be wicked cool.

22. Spend a night in a castle

23. Spend your birthday at some other country

24. Spend Christmas in New York
- Where I hear everything is just busy, crowded, confusing and oh-so wonderful

25. See the northern lights

26. See the original "Along the River During the Qingming Festival" at Beijing
- This is my new favorite painting!
- My blog entry about it can be found here!

27. See the pyramids

28. Have a tea party
- Whether with imaginary or real life friends!
- One lump or two? Biscuits, anyone? XD

29. Have a drastic hair style change
- I can have it permed, or cut super short, or dyed with obvious highlights, etc.
- Someday.... not today... haha. I still love my straight hair.

30. Have pictures taken in old traditional photbooths

31. Ride a camel

32. Ride an elephant
- Completed: April 6, 2008 at Thailand

33. Memorize all the capitals of every country
- know-it-all in the making. (haha XD)

34. Memorize all the flags of every country

35. Learn about other religions
- Since I'm a Buddhist and I studied in a Catholic School, both religions are excluded
- I plan on learning more about Islam, actually
- Must master at least three

36. Learn how to juggle

37. Make my own doll
- I'd REALLY like to make a wooden doll to add to my collection
- But if it proves to be really hard, I'd settle for an old cotton styled doll

38. Make 1000 paper cranes
- They say if you fold 1000 cranes, you get a wish ^^

39. Go horseback riding
- Though I've already ridden a horse before, I want to REALLY go horseback riding
- Meaning, really ride it far and not just a few turns round the range with a guy holding the rope -.-

40. Go fishing

41. Watch ALL Disney Animated Films ever made
- There are those really hard ones like The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad
- Have you ever heard of that one even? Haha!

42. Watch the sun rise and set all in the same day

43. Watch a show on Broadway

44. Get featured in a magazine/newspaper
- I don't care if they just place a headshot haha as long as it's printed, it's an achievement!

45. Get wooden dolls from all countries that I've already visited
- Like I mentioned in my previous entry, I wasn't able to get dolls from every country I've visited
- I still lack dolls from Singapore, US, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, France and the Netherlands

46. Apply for Disneyland and/or Walt Disney Pictures
- Just so I can tell myself that at least I tried :)
- It doesn't matter if I get accepted
- Though of course, it would really be a dream come true if I did!

47. Change someone's life
- Like make a really big impact on someone's life, in a good way, of course

48. Travel with no predetermined destination

49. Live in a different country for at least a month
- Hopefully it's some place more interesting than just LA (where some of my relatives live)

50. Immortalize Cippow in a 3D state
- Stuffed toy, sculpture, anything. As long as he's tangible to others now. lol.
- Cippow is my imaginary friend, in case you didn't know!

51. Plant a tree

52. Pick apples

53. Fly a kite

54. Cruise the Nile

55. Milk a cow

56. Stay awake for 24 hours
- For someone who has her bedtime at 10:30, this is a great achievement!
- Completed: December 21-22, 2007 at Tagaytay with friends

57. Sleep under the stars

58. Roast marshmallows in an open fire

59. Send a message in a bottle

60. Open my own store
- I really want to open a store and sell merchandise with my art ^^
- I am already earning with my drawings in the net but I'd like a real place to sell my works
- I'm taking up BS Management by the way, in case you're wondering haha

61. Fly first class

62. Find a four leaf clover

63. Paint easter eggs
- Easter isn't a very popular holiday over here, sadly
- I'd like to paint loads of Easter Eggs!

64. Own an I Heart NY Shirt from New York
- just cuz it's so iconic

65. Write a children's book

66. Participate actively in a non-profit organization
- Such as UNICEF or WWF

- I want to be able to work with them hands-on not just by mere donations

67. Dress up differently for an entire day
- Completed: May 29, 2008, at Edsa Shang-ri La mall with friends
- Curled my hair, wore a long skirt. People kept mistaking us for Koreans.
- Person taking my order at KFC spoke straight english thinking I was a foreigner HAHA.

68. Design completely someone else's room
- Since I've already done mine, and it seems as though people really like the way I did it
- I want to redo someone's room! (Just design though, not fund the project haha)

69. Decorate a cake

70. Wish on a shooting star
- I've never seen a shooting star yet :)

Photos were taken from Istockphoto.com


Littlesteph said...


"15. Attend a Circe du Soleil show"

I have a final interview to be an usher at Varekei on Friday :D

(I'll get to attend the show for 0$!)

but thats on my list too :)

milka said...

22. Spend a night in a castle. --> sheena, how much will this cost? hahaha :)) funny

8. Build a snowman --> nagawa ko na toh! yehey! hahaha :) winter isn't as nice as they make it seem in movies haha

Sheenz said...

Cirque du Soleil! I really wanna see Love! I love the Beatles songs! Lucky you haha.

Sheenz said...

Milka! Awww ako never pa snowman... poo. And as for the castle haha hmmm ewan... I will work hard for it haha.

Michael (tamad mag login) said...

Pag meron na akong sarili kong castle, I'll let you sleep over for free, haha! :p And since it should have a courtyard (as every decent castle should), pwede ka na rin mag archery and horseback riding.

Or.. if you build a large enough sandcastle, pwede ka na matulog inside it! Hahaha!

Mari said...

If you ever spend Christmas in New York you MUST let me know! Maybe we can see a Broadway show together (hehe maybe one of the Disney ones)!

Sheenz said...

Mari! Yes, I'll definitely tell you! You have to show me around the Disney store where you work (If you still work there by then). I'd love to see a Disney broadway!!