October 30, 2007


I just designed the two notebooks which I will be using next semester (only two more weeks)! It's colorful yey! I couldn't find a decent notebook with colorful designs on them so I just bought this plain navy blue one. But I couldn't stand the plain navy blue-ness of it, so I had to change it!

I used two of my drawings; the two which I really like out of all my other artworks ^^. Then I searched my scrapbook boxes for old ribbons and other thingiemagigs. I admit that I'm not really good at mixing things up and I've never been good at scrapbooking, haha. So it may not be much, but I really like what I did! And in the picture, I included some of my favorite supplies (my ever trusty pink mechanical pencil *which I named Princess Mon-Mon after my genius friend*, my yellow and pink scissors and my pink tape dispenser). Colorful!!

Now I'm excited to use the notebooks! The blue one will be my MWF notebook because I like it more than the yellow one and I also like my MWF classes better (no law and accounting heehee), and, if the dresscode is not implemented (or if I can get away with it lol), then I'd feel even happier about MWF (because no management classes then!).

What...? Little things make me happy.

October 26, 2007

Artists: Part 1

Looking at other artists' works always inspires, which is why I constantly keep my eyes open for new artworks and unique art styles. Just recently, as I was searching the internet, I've found three great artists with painting styles seemingly similar, yet entirely different, form each other. I'm talking about the works of Mark Ryden, Yosuke Ueno and David Ho.

What's unique about Mark Ryden is that he paints popular cultural icons (Barbie dolls, for example), religious emblems, and for some odd reason, meat (yes, meat), in a very sophisticated manner. He is a surrealist first and for most but his style has a clear fuse with classical painting styles.

Yosuke Ueno

Yosuke Ueno has this unique color scheme which I just love. He uses recurring subjects in his paintings such as space men and elephants (which are my favorites of his). But what is most interesting are the little consistent drawings he always fits in his different paintings. If you go to his website, click the "Keys" button. There you'll find a list of all those drawings that he paints constantly in all his paintings. Then view his gallery and see if you can look for the drawings inside his works!

David Ho

David Ho creates entire series of different themes. My favorite theme of his is his Interpretation Series (wherein he remakes famous paintings) because I have also thought about doing an entire series with that same idea (I've already started it actually, with Last Supper and the Venus de Milo, heehe). His style is a bit goth-like. Her Candice the Ghost series is also very interesting.

I haven't painted in the longest time and besides, I don't think I paint well enough. But these paintings have inspired me and maybe, just maybe, I shall try to learn again soon! ^^

October 24, 2007

MidAutumn Tarp

This is the very first tarp design that I did for this year (second one, in my entire life, haha, but the first one was just placed on one spot) and I'm proud of it! ^^ I've always wanted to design one but it was only this year when I was able to do it. At first I thought it was only going to be placed at, at most, 3 spots. But to my surprise, it was all over school! o.o Around 6 of them, I think! Heehee. Zen Garden, SOM Parking, CTC to SOM Mall (2 of them), Way to SOM and Doghouse... not sure if I forgot something.

This one on the picture is my favorite spot; at the CTC Building. I don't know why, I really just love the atmosphere at CTC (Convergent Technologies Center) and SOM (School of Management) buildings.

A certain person came up to me and asked "Why are you the only one designing the posters for Celadon?" and I was all, "Uh.. what posters? We only have one so far this year." lol. She must've thought that I was hogging everything, when in fact I was only able to design one. Haha. I just got lucky that it was displayed at different places.

The event took place last September. It was for the annual Chinese tradition of the Mooncake Festival. Celadon holds this party yearly as a joint celebration of that festival and teachers appreciation day. It's one of our biggest projects for the school year, and I'm really really honored to be part of it. Hooray!

October 17, 2007

Mary Blair

Disney Press has just released "Walt Disney's Cinderella", the latest Cinderella picture book to date. So what makes this book so special? They used Mary Blair's art, of course.

Mary Blair is a Disney legend, for having drawn such magnificent concept arts for the old classics such as Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella. She's also done a lot of work for the original Disneyland. If I'm not mistaken, she contributed much to the "It's A Small World" attraction. If you haven't seen any of her drawings, you're sure missing a lot. They are so rich in color, very whimsical and just prefect. I love her art style and I just wished she lived to this day so that we can see more amazing artwork from her.

The movies that Mary Blair worked on are some of the most stylized Disney films. I don't know if it's just me, but though Cinderella isn't my favorite movie, I never seem to get tired of watching it over and over again. Now I know that it's probably because of the artwork. The movie is an eye-candy!

It is rumored that Disney Press will be releasing more picture books such as this one if this Cinderella one sells really well. Let's all hope that it does. I have yet to see this in local bookstores over here.

Ever since I learned about Mary Blair, I've been looking all over for ALL her concept arts, but I haven't found that much. I want to get this book, so that at least I can finally view all her Cinderella artworks. I bet her Peter Pan works are even more amazing. Can't wait for them to release that one!

Disney would probably still be in their golden era, if she were alive today. Imagine how recent movies would have looked like in her style. Treasure Planet would have been a hit.

October 13, 2007

Disney DVD Collection Update #1

Here's my first update to my Disney DVD Collection Entry (link at the bottom of this entry).

So around last month, I bought 3 more DVD's and just today, 3 more! I'm so happy! My mom was mocking me. Poop. She said I was like a kid because I was so excited when I saw that the DVD's were all on sale! Oh my god, who wouldn't be -.- ?! Ok.. rhetorical question.

So now I have 5 new titles! EEK! The three of those I got for 299php again; Mulan, Cars and Monsters Inc. All 2 out of the three are 2 disc editions. The exception is Cars, but that's ok. I loved that movie so much. Then the ones I got today, mehn, you won't believe, it's just 150php. HALF THE PRICE! I visited this unknown video store inside a super big mall, and I think they were already down on sales that they had to cut down prices big time. Haha. So I got Bambi, The Incredibles (both 2 discs) and the 25th anniversary edition of The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! Heehee. I feel giddy seeing them up on my shelf hahaha. Ok, sorry I'm weird.

I was so happy about the Winnie the Pooh thing!! I'm not sure yet (I'll only know for sure once I watch it on DVD already), but I think the stories in here are those stories that I always played when I was a kid on laser disc! OMG! If those are it, I will die of extreme nostalgia.

So now I have a total of 15 original dvd's. I WANT MORE!

Link to the original entry: My Disney DVD Collection

October 11, 2007

The Science of Sleep

Cardboard cities, cotton ball clouds, paper boats and a one second time machine. This is what I fell in love with.

If you haven't heard of it yet, I introduce to you, La Science de Reves, literally the Science of Dreams, if you translate it, which
actually fits the movie better than its English title, but that works too (that sentence was such a run-on). A film by Michael Gondry (the director of Eternal Sunshine...). It's partly French, partly English, so if you don't mind reading subtitles, then you'll love this. It's one of my favorite movies of all time (falling only one or two steps down Le Fabuleaux Destin de Amelie Poulain, which is my undisputed no.1 movie).

Stephane couldn't differentiate his dreams with reality. We can't either. The movie is an entire series of mixed up, random, eccentric events and you (as audience) can't tell either which ones are real and which ones are all from Stephane's head. And this is what I love about it.

I honestly don't know how to introduce this movie... He hosts a TV show called "Stephane TV" inside his head. He meets a girl named Stephanie who he falls in love with. He is a bit off compared to other people around him... and he enjoys collecting beautiful objects.

I like a lot of things about this film, but one of the things I loved best are the lines of Stephane. He tells things as it is. No elaborations, no sugar-coating. I wish life were like that... sometimes.

"... Because everyone else is boring"

- After Stephanie asked him "Why Me?". That's one of my favorite quotes from the movie (people in my YM list would've noticed haha). It's so straight-forward. And I wish I could just say that... I like you because everyone else is boring. Why do people need to ask why you like them in the first place? I asked, but I don't know why I did.

"For the occasion of... you're pretty"
- What he said after giving Stephanie the One-Second Time Machine. It says it all.

It's one of those few good movies wherein I feel like I can throw myself into certain scenes. Like the movie just showed you a visual representation of all the thoughts going on in your head, combined with your emotions, dreams, imaginations and a little bit of madness. It's like everything I've always wanted to say but couldn't. It's like those dreams I never could explain verbally. Ahh! I could go on and on...

I'm never good at writing reviews of any kind, so I'm sorry if you weren't be able to get any idea what this movie is about from my entry (there's always Wikipedia and IMDB!). You have to watch the film. If you enjoy art films, you'll like this. It's pretty. Literally pretty.

And if you plan on watching this, don't search for deep insightful review thingies. They're really good and the movie will make better sense once you've read those, but watch the movie once first. You have to see it first before you try to understand it. Trust me, it's better that way.

And I want to ride Golden the Pony Boy.

The site is a masterpiece in itself: The Science of Sleep

October 06, 2007

Meiji Galore

Helloooooo Panda! (uhm, forgive the freaky pictures...)

I am currently getting fat because I am overeating sweets and junk food. Poopie. But that's
ok! At least I'm eating nummy food. Let's worry about everything else later.

My sudden obsession for Meiji food started around two weeks ago when we had a stupid 4 hour class for my Leadership & Strategy (that's what LS stands for right?) class. I knew I was gonna get hungry so I bought a vanilla flavored Hello Panda box with me. I must've been REALLY hungry though, because the first biscuit tasted like heaven. I felt like the 5 year old me again.

And for more Meiji delights, I have Yan Yan! I actually thought Yan Yan was a local product (like Champolla, which I also love, haha!). Anyway, I love Yan Yan! And now they have that odd fortune like sayings in every stick, which just really makes me laugh all the time. Wikipedia has the complete list that you have to go see, it's so funny (click here). I have funny memories with friends and those sticks.

Last but definitely the best of all, is the i-have-no-idea-what-the-name-translates-to chocolate! It's my ultimately favorite chocolate when I was a kid. I would bite the tips slowly just because it's so cute. Haha. And I'd have fun melting the chocolate in my tongue. Mmm... I love the colors. I wonder what the name of this chocolate means. It doesn't have an English pronunciation counterpart.

As you can probably tell by the pictures, yes, my favorite flavor is strawberry.

This entry made silly sense! Whoopie! Fill me up with Hello Pandas!

October 04, 2007

Fantabulous Designs Part I

The first thing people always say when I tell them I'm taking up Business Management is "Why?! Shouldn't you be in Fine Arts or something?". Advertising. Industrial Design. Information Design. Design Design. That's what they all expected. Honestly, that's why I expected of me as well... around 4 years ago. But now I'm happy with what I'm taking. It was a personal choice and I'm loving it.

Not today though. Stupid hell week.

So to cheer me up, I decided to surf the net for cool new designs. (Ok, so, just figure out the connection of my intro to the body of this post). My reviews sound crappy, but you'll have fun looking at the stuff anyway. If you don't find these interesting, you are one heck of a weirdo. Enjoy.

So this first blog on Fantabulous designs would be dedicated to amazingly amazing furnitures. I would like to share some amazingly amazing furniture. An amazing chair. An amazing shelf. An amazing light thingie. An amazing bed. If you've noticed, I have this thing for amazingly amazing furnitures. Bow.

To start of the batch is this Petit Jardin Armchair by Tord Boontje Studio. It looks so artsy and it's perfect for me (not for my room though, don't think it would match). It looks like a paper cut-out. So pretty. It's simple and elegant too.

Next is this very cute shelf. I like how it's spelled out. This is just a simple one, but I really like it. Very unique. I like furniture and things hung on the wall. Space is maximized that way. I have to be careful about placing so many things on my wall though. Wouldn't want it to look all cluttered. Hmm.. that's all I can say about this. By a designer named Da Eun Song. Bask in its simplicity.

The next one is so freakishly cool. It's freaky, seriously. I wouldn't want to have this one in my room... maybe in some other room, but not in mine. It's scary. But it's beautiful. Actually, I don't know how to describe it well. It's just very.... interesting. Uhm, see for yourself.


It's called Damned by Luc Merx. Imagine standing under this. That would be so scary... actually, it would be very disturbing. But I'd imagine it'd be fun. Like the people are all begging to get out. Scary. Love this. Very eccentric. Ingenious though.

And lastly, the best one of the best ones, Lagostudio's Fluttua just takes the cake. Ever wanted to feel how it was like to sleep on a cloud? Well, now you can! A FLOATING BED HOW COOL IS THAT? I envy the fat man.

More wonderful creations like this can be found here if I'm not mistaken. One heck of a genius.

And just look at the happy man looking all Buddha-ish. Very Zen.