October 22, 2008

Cake Parade

Hello, world! Meet Cake Parade!

Red Western Digital 160 GB External Hard Drive worth 3200 pesos in Greenhills. I am proud to say that I used my hard earned money for this new toy! Special thank you to all those who bought the necklaces (those with my drawings) that I was selling! Amazing how I was able to raise enough funds is just a week! Praise God! Named her Cake Parade because I like it!

At first it was supposed to be Whale on the Clouds and some other variations like Pancake Whales or Cloudy Whale but it all wouldn't fit. So after so many random words, I ended up with this. Great!

Anyway, yes, obviously I designed it myself again, heehee. I did it for an entire morning --- painstakingly sticking each rhinestone. Oh, the things I do for love. I got the cloud sticker from my friend who gave me an adorable set for my birthday.

I originally planned on getting a pink one, but none of the stores sold 160 GB pink hard drives so I gave up and got this instead, which may I say was actually a BLESSING in disguise because now I LOVE THIS RED one to bits and the pink and white rhinestones look so great on it. Hehee.

I've been arranging the folders and changing all the icons since I got her last September 9, 2008. I renamed all my files as well and went all CRAZY OC over everything. Hahaha. As in it's so much more organized than Luke (my Macbook) now. Luke is envious. Following are screenshots of it.

This is what you see first when you open Cake Parade

Drawings > General part. Heehee, just showing off my cute icons.

Pictures > Barkada Pics part. More of my lovely Loco Roco icons!

My personal favorite collection of the drawings I do. Just note how I name the files. Hehe. Makes me so happy to see them all nicely arranged like that!

Cake Parade includes the files of my life. Haha. It's crazy. I placed all my pictures, drawings and videos here and I have all my other files as well, like songs, documents, programs and so much more. And I love it. I needed this ever since Luke started to go crazy. Hehe.


Mari said...

Your Loco Roco icons are LOVE.

I'm so jealous! I should really get a totally adorable external hard drive like you. I'm on my second laptop since my first one kept crashing and erasing itself (the second one just recently did the same if you may recall =P).


The best I ever came up with was naming my iPod Shnookums. <_<

Sheenz said...

ooh go get an external hard drive now!! ^____^ heheee. i'll name your next one for you! haha! shnookums isnt too bad :P