October 23, 2008

Jimmy Liao

Jimmy Liao now occupies one of the top spots in my favorite artists of all time. Discovered about his works through my good friend Christiane and been a fan ever since. More than the drawings, what I like most about him is the way he conveys emotions and stories in his artworks. If you've known me long or been following my works, you'd notice that my favorite subject to draw is that of couples in love. Jimmy Liao has a set of drawings with that theme and I absolutely adore them.

If you get the chance of seeing his books on stores, make sure to grab a copy of A Chance of Sunshine and Sound of Colors. I don't have my own copy yet, but I plan on going on a scavenger hunt when I visit China or Taiwan or HK maybe. I read that the English translations don't do justice so I want to get the Mandarin versions and though I suck at Mandarin, it will be my life goal to understand what's written on that book. Hehe.

Another thing that really inspired me about Jimmy Liao is this picture of a gallery he had at Hong Kong. I was so awed because the way the gallery was designed is just completely breathtaking. If someday I were to have my own gallery (as if...), I pray that it be as amazing as this one. I love the way it's shaped, how the artworks are placed, everything! I never felt so inspired to have my own gallery. But then again, Jimmy Liao is like an art god (in my world at least) and it's not surprising that he holds a gallery as impressive as this one.


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