May 30, 2008

Little Twin Stars Watch

It all began with my friend Mitz who, during one of our usual gimiks, arrived with his new and oober cool Ultraman kiddie watch which, when you press a certain button, POPS out the time for you! We were all so amused, especially me, and I wanted one as well (but I wasn't an Ultraman fan, so nevermind that haha). He said he bought his at the local department store.

When I was out shopping with my other friends at SM Megamall, I decided to check out the kiddie watches section just in case they had other designs other than Ultraman. MUCH TO MY UTMOOOOST JOOOOOOY, they had a LOT but this LITTLE TWIN STARS ONE TAKES THE CAKE!!!

It was the first thing my eyes landed on and I squealed so loud and long that my friends were all embarrassed to be with me (not to mention that the saleslady assisting us was laughing as well). It took me time to choose whether I wanted the white strap or the pink, or the other design with Lala kissing Kiki on the cheek (ITS SO CUTE but it was colored blue and I'm not too fond of blue). And for a while I also got distracted and thought twice if I wanted the My Melody one too (because it was SO CUTE as well and I also love My Melody!). But I ended up buying this and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IIIIIITTTTT!!! When you press the button, the time also pops and I LOVE PRESSING IT!

As a lot of people know... it doesn't take a lot to make me happy :D Hahaha. Just bring me to the kids section of the department store and I could stay there forever.

And did I mention this costs only 250php ($6-ish)? Nyehehe!


Glen said...

I can't relate that much, but i'd really like to see that ultraman watch! XD

Sheenz said...

haha check my multiply for that watch! :D i dont expect you to relate much to twin stars hahahaha. i'd be very surprised if you were able to get it.

milka said...

OMG!!! CUTENESS!! <3 I love it too!! i want one! pretty pretty! heehee : )

Sheenz said...

i knew you'd love it dear! hahaha!

C said...

i want YOUR twin stars watch! hahaha:)) di ko na matanggal sa kamay ko nung sinuot ko! bagay kaya sakin! dba? yes! apir!:)

Sheenz said...

mas bagay sakin!!