May 27, 2008

The Perfect Bible

One of the best presents that I've ever received! Last May 24, my good friend Bens gave me (using his own words) the PERFECT bible for me (and so it was)! I love it very very much, to an extent I couldn't even put into words. Thank you super super, as I've been repeatedly telling you ever since. Haha.

Of all the years I have studied at a Catholic school, I have always rejected Catholicism and its teachings. For years, I was a Buddhist and I proudly declared this to people I met. I emphasized that it was more than just a family tradition that I follow and that it was a true personal choice that I've made. I will not tell the story of my personal spiritual journey (one that I am still going through right now, of course) but to cut the long story short, recently, I believe that God has started to reveal Himself to me and is continuing to do so. Thanks to my wonderful Christian friends (hello, 'churchboys' *and girls* haha), I am more and more learning about God and his wonderful message for me (and us all!)

This SUPER PERFECT Bible is SUPER PERFECT in every way; the translation is very easy to understand and it makes things easier to read, the color PINK is my favorite and this pink is just a very HAPPY pink haha, the silver sides on the pages are just adorable, the font is so easy on the eyes (unlike my old Bible hehe), it contains only the canon books and it's so handy that I can bring it anywhere (and I plan on bringing it everyday with me to school).

I read the Bible everyday now and it never fails to make my heart glad. The perfect breakfast book to read to start the day and the perfect bedtime book to read before ending the night.


Glen said...

The first thing i thought when i open your blog was, "kay milka ata yung natype ko sa address" seeing the pink bible and saying that it was puuurrfect!!! XD Wala lang XD

milka said...

HAHAHA! i love the comment tanque!! i love the pink bible too!! <3 super awww.. i swear!! i squealed when i saw it! look at my comments in ur multiply sheena! HAHAHA! winner tlga!! WINNER!!! :)) KAMUSTA!!!

Sheenz said...

HAHA Tanqueee funny :D

Milkaaaa, it's so pretty right? ^^ It's very light too. Anyway OO NA! Nabasa ko na mga comments mo sa multiply hahahaa DI NGA COUNTED!!