January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

A little bit late by a few days, but still... happy new year! :D One of my favorite days for the year is new year's eve. It has been a tradition since I was little to go to hotels after dinner just for some pastries and to chill at a coffee shop. We used to do it with my extended family, including cousins and all, but it sorta stopped. Nevertheless, we still do it, as a family, and I always love it. It's always very fun, relaxing and nice.

I wore a dress this year, just cuz I was so in the mood to. Haha. We first dropped by at Edsa Shang, but for many reasons, one being that they were pretty full, we decided to transfer hotels. So we went to one fo the nearest ones, Crowne Plaza for a peaceful coffee and pastry time with family. We had nummy cakes and drank tea and coffee. I had this exotic (haha) south african orange blend and it was soooo good.

We got funny hats and took pictures the entire time. Dad loved the funny hats most I think. He went to the CR wearing the hat. And he was so game when I was taking pictures of him. Haha!

Then we went home at around 11:30, just in time to catch the countdowns on TV. I wore my new pajamas, because according to Chinese tradition, you have to wear new pajamas every new year (though I really believe we ought to be doing that during Chinese New Year instead...). I got this tank top and shorts ensemble which honestly didn't look like pajamas to sleep in at all. Haha. It had a cute design actually, which is why I got it, and I plan to wear the top on casual days. Hehe. It says "Forget love, I'd rather fall in CHOCOLATE".

Didn't come up with a specific new year's resolution this year, because like most people, I never get to keep them anyway (because I forget them after a few months). I was just very thankful for the past year and looking forward to a new one full of surprises! Here's to us!


milka said...

It says "Forget love, I'd rather fall in CHOCOLATE". ---> OMG! i just have to see this shirt. show me show me show me!! i want one tooooooo!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! :))

Sheenz said...

Haha ok! I'll wear it sometime to school. Can I wear it despite the dresscode though? The dresscode is so stupid.

Anonymous said...

nice! happy new year, sheena!:)

Sheenz said...

Happy New Year also Hansel!