August 21, 2008

Door Designs

I always wanted to write about my room. Here's the first entry I dedicate to that.

I've been wanting to add more stuff on my walls (and that includes my door), and I finally did! The tarp was from my birthday party! The boards on the door are made of styro. I covered it with a really nice and soft red paper and stuck random bits and pieces of my life.

I made the one the top (left on this picture) first before the other. It's a bit cleaner and empty at the bottom part. I'd probably add some little stuff there soon. If you want to really look into the details, click on the picture to enlarge! Some are pretty obvious already, but look for the following:

1. Two postcards I got at Paris
2. Four paper cranes
3. A paper frog from a friend
4. My ID tag campaign material for the Celadon elections
5. My grade school cafeteria pass

Oh, and you may be wondering about those two huge typewritten sheets. I found them as I was looking through my mom's old things. They are quotes either from the bible or about God. She typed this when she was still single, working at the bank and a Christian, all of which she isn't now (but one of which I hope she will be again). It 's something that I really treasure.


C said...

lagay mo rin yung picture na little sheena driving! haha:)

can i hab your room? haha! ai! bahay ko na rin pala yun! hehehe :)

Sheenz said...

:D lagi ka naman andito parang bahay mo na din!

Mari said...

That's so cool! I have something similar on my closet door (wires hanging down with little animal magnets), but it doesn't look nearly as nice as yours!


Sheenz said...

I'd love to see yours! :D

Hansel said...

wow! ganda ng room mo!:D cool!

Sheenz said...

haha hey hansel! :D thanks so much!